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About us!

 About us

 The as of yet un-named project that Sminky Productions is making is a truly original mod for HalfLife. Its main premise is to show what sort of stuff we are capable of making for your gaming pleasure, even with the outdated (did i just say that?) Halflife engine.

The mod is not what you would typically class as a game, as its not one "whole" game. It comprises and movies scripted within the halflife engine, and mini (sub) games. As of yet we do not know if we will include online support, we will see how it goes. Beg us and we might ;)

The mod centers around a kid called Ike, this is who you play as. It will be viewed form a thirdperson perspective at most times. There may be some times when first person will be best suited. As I said b4, the mod has a lot of movies in it, this can be viewed in the cinema section. But you cant just go off watching these any time you please! You have to earn tickets to go to the cinema by playing mini games.

Expect movies to be humourous mainly, some will probably be action and some just plain 1337! :)